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Test the security of the IT in your company with the very means an attacker would use. With controlled attacks, we inspect your system for possible security gabs. Don’t rely on theory – we assist you in discovering how well your network is actually protected in the case of an emergency.

Data security is a management issue

For many entrepreneurs, IT security is a very theoretical matter. Many simply rely on having done enough by employing a suitable staff member or external service provider. Yet, in an emergency, network plans and data security policies on paper alone do not help much. Malicious attacks on the IT of companies and organizations have significantly increased again in recent years. The damages incurred by such an attack and customers’ loss of confidence are a very real danger and occasionally threaten the existence of small and medium-sized companies. Prevention is therefore strongly recommended.

Penetration tests reveal security gaps

Have your system objectively checked with a penetration text by a trustworthy third party. Is it possible for an unauthorised person to break into your systems or networks? As a component of the integral, methodical approach to conducting security audits, activeMind AG also provides such ‘pentests’. Here, the security of your systems is tested from the perspective of an attacker (hacker, cracker). Under controlled conditions, our experts examine your system’s security via systematic attacks. In this way, vulnerabilities are revealed and eliminated. As a result you receive a report that includes both the identified weaknesses and the technical and organisational measures recommended to eliminate them.

Individual tests of your IT

We’ll gladly design a customised test tailored specifically for your needs. The systems we’ve tested range from simple Internet applications to complex corporate networks.

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