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Websites that are not of a strictly private nature must have a legally compliant imprint according to German law. The contact person responsible for the contents as well as a summons address must be stated in the imprint, along with other legally stipulated information. Here you can create an imprint for your website free of charge. Registration is not necessary. Simply fill out the fields that are relevant to you in order to receive a template for your imprint (in German).

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1. Who is the responsible party for whom you want to create the imprint?

For companies:

Full name of the company with specified legal form:


For freelance professions:

Legal occupational title:

Full first and last name:

2. Enter the address where you organisation is located:

3. Enter all authorised representatives with the title such as ‘Managing Director’ or ‘CEO’:

The following generally applies:
GmbH, LLC, Ltd.: Manging director (also others if applicable)
AG, Inc.: CEO
e.V. [Registerd Association] : CEO, Board of Directors, Chairman/woman of the Board
KG, LLP: Partner(s)
oHG, General Partnership: Partner(s), Proprietor, Shareholder, Associate


4. Enter the registry number here (e.g. registry of commerce or associations)
with the specification of the competent court:

5. Do you have a VAT identification number. If so, please enter it here:


6. Do you have a economic identification number; please enter it here:

7. If regulatory approval is required for the services provided on your website, enter the supervisory authority and its postal address. Examples include brokers, temporary employment agencies and catering establishments:


8. Should the service you provide require approval from a chamber, such as in the case of attorneys or tax consultants, the following information is to be provided:

Specification with link of the regulations pertaining to professional law:

9. Haben Sie eine Berufshaftpflichtversicherung, sind hier Name und Anschrift der Versicherungsgesellschaft und der Geltungsbereich für den Versicherungsschutz anzugeben:

Name and address of the insurance company

Applicable scope of the insurance coverage

10. If your company (e.g. AG/Inc., KGaA/LLP or GmbH/Ltd.) is currently winding up or in liquidation, this ist o be specified here:

11. Copyright information:

The copyrights of the images/photos used on the website are to be specified here, stated by name and if necessary with the appropriate link to the website of the author/owner or licensor.


12. Notice on journalistic and editorial content:

If you provide journalistic and editorial content on your website, then enter the responsible party or parties here with the respective address(es), and describe who is responsible for the respective content.


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