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Prior to the appointment of a data protection official or officer, a company has to first make the fundamental decisions if an employee will assume the role of the internal data protection officer or if an external data protection officer will be appointed. Our templates assist with the decision and the actual appointment of the data protection official.


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Duties of the data protection officer

In addition to the appointment document, the tasks of the data protection officer should be recorded in a separate document or function/role description. These are usually:

  • General consultation for management/training of the employees
  • Regular inspection of the technical/organisational implementation of data protection in the company
  • Constant point of contact for employees and affected parties
  • Conducting the preliminary inspection
  • Managing the procedures directory
  • Creation of the data protection policy
  • Annual review of the data protection policy to ensure it is up-to-date


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Internal data protection officers and managers can receive training and continuing education at the activeMind Academy on central corporate data protection topics. We will also gladly hold these seminars on-site at your company.

Additionally, the experts at activeMind AG will gladly consult you on all matters of operational data protection or manage all legal, organizational and technical aspects as external data protection officers.


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