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Management and technology consulting

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activeMind AG Management- and Technologieberatung [activeMind AG Management and Technology Consulting] is based in Munich and operates in the areas of data protection and data security. Our experts consult, audit and train companies and authorities throughout Germany on all legal, organisational and technical data protection matters as well as on data information and data security. At the in-house Academy, continuing education classes are provided for corporate data protection officials, management and IT directors. Numerous renowned national and international companies of various sizes and industries trust the data protection and data security services of activeMind AG.

Legal & technical experts

Above all, activeMind distinguishes itself by the numerous qualifications of its employees. In addition to their legal education, they have verifiable practical and technical backgrounds. This provides a huge advantage for our customers:

Not only are we cable of specifying and reiterating which legal requirements exist and describing them abstractly (and unrealistically if necessary), we’re also able of concretely assessing whether technical implementation of these requirements is sufficient or needed to meet certain obligations.

In particular, with the stipulated inspection of service providers (commissioned data processing), it is very helpful both to be able to read and understand a contract correctly as well as what the (often technical) contact person across the table is telling you – or concealing. Furthermore, most of the activeMind AG consultants are licensed and active auditors for ISO 27001 (TÜV Hessen) [Technical Control Association] and for ISO 27001 based on IT baseline protection [BSI IT-Grundschutz] (Federal Office for Information Security [Bundesamt für Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik – BSI]).

Our individual approach serves your company in Germany

Our approach is to find comprehensive solutions for companies: instead of just setting up new standard solutions, we build upon existing processes in order to supplement them contractually or adapt them as needed.

For this reason, the consulting process begins with a thorough status assessment, because without it, every policy would not be written in accordance with the actual circumstances in your company or would be so abstract that it would remain arbitrary. With the implementation, (if possible) we draw on the existing management systems such as ISO 9001 or ISO 27001. If these are not available, our solutions are still oriented toward such ‘best practises’. We’ve acquired the corresponding transfer knowledge from our diverse projects, be it from the strictly legal area of data protection, in information security or as consultants or auditors.

Company history

activeMind AG Management- und Technologieberatung was founded in 2000 as a consulting and training company with its primary focus on IT security in Germany. Since 2005, our employees have increasing been assuming responsibility for the training courses at the Chamber of Industry and Commerce in Munich [IHK München]. In addition, general appropriation of services was provided for the first time in the area of quality management (ISO 900). In 2008, auditing was greatly expanded, and ever since inspections according to ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 27001 based on IT baseline protection [BSI Grundschutz] and data protection have been on the agenda. In 2009 came the business segment of organisational and technical data protection and in particular the specialisation as external data protection officials. That was the beginning of general appropriation of services in the area of data protection. Since 2013, activeMind AG has also been providing services for a monthly flat rate in the area of data security via the appointment of external IT security officials. activeMind AG selectively inspects IT security in companies but can also expand its services to a complete preparation for ISO 27001 certification and be available to companies as IT security officials during the certification period.

Licensing & partners

activeMind AG Management- and Technologieberatung cooperates with numerous partners in the areas of data protection as well as data, information and IT security. activeMind also possesses diverse certifications:

Bayerisches IT-Sicherheitscluster

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