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We live in a world of specialisation and digitization. Due to the transparency of digital offers, companies can no longer avoid specialisation. Internet and digital systems are everywhere, as are our digital footprints.

With the data collection frenzy of many countries and companies, the person behind the data is often forgotten. Trust in companies and employees is declining, while corporate security requirements are simultaneously increasing.

The legislators of European countries and the EU have been counteracting this for several years. In particular, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which has been in effect since 2018, and the upcoming ePrivacy Regulation pose major challenges for companies.

The obligation to specialise while complying with the legal requirements is contradictory for medium-sized companies. There are insufficient resources for data protection, IT security and quality management. Legally stipulated regulations or processes are unknown, ethical values are not conveyed. No qualified employees are available for certifications. As a result, security and quality requirements of larger companies cannot be met, and they are thus omitted as interesting customers.

This is where ActiveMind AG comes into play. We have been providing companies with external data protection officers and information security officers since 2000. Depending on the companies’ requirements, we take care of specific duties or assume full responsibility, including certification in accordance with international standards.

In recent years, we have successfully guided numerous companies through ISO 27001 and BSI baseline protection certifications. The number of companies we serve as appointed data protection and IT security officers is increasing every month.

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